Real Estate Cleaning & New Home Construction Cleaning


Construction companies can take a design and build a beautiful home. After the home is finished, then the real estate agent is in charge of getting the place clean and ready to sell. The dirt and dust collects everywhere during the construction process, so to have the best chance of selling the home, you will want to hire a company that can handle new home construction cleaning.

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Ivena’s Cleaning will meet with the real estate agent to find out exactly what they need to have accomplished. When meeting with the agent, they will take notes to know what needs to be cleaned in each room. After we have collected all information regarding what each room will need, we will gather the cleaning supplies.


We know that perfection is key so we will protect our shoes from tracking dirt around the house. The front entrance will be cleaned and a rug will be placed to prevent any dirt from outside from being tracked in. We will start in the room farthest from the entrance and completely clean from ceiling to floor. Each room will be dusted, wiped down with a disinfectant solution, swept, and vacuumed.


During new home construction cleaning, the walls are wiped down with a bleach solution, and the chrome fixtures are cleaned with rubbing alcohol. We will also make any notes of any damages found to make sure the house is perfect and ready for move in.


Before we leave, we make sure that all cleaning chemicals and tools are removed. We will take our trash with us and then re-clean the entrance way. The house will be spotless and ready to go.

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