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We are now on LinkedIn also check out our Sunday cleaning offer Running a nursing home requires a lot more cleaning than a simple office. That is because those who are elderly get sick easily and those in nursing homes often have a reduced immune system to start with. When you hire Ivena’s Cleaning, we know that nursing home cleaning jobs will need to be thorough and we know how to keep everything sanitary.

We will start in a room by stripping the linens from the bed and setting aside all laundry. We then put away all belongings and straighten up. When we are done with these things, we will begin cleaning the room with a gentle, but a complete disinfectant.

We start with the windows and will use a glass cleaner that have minimal odors. We make sure that it does not put off any toxic chemicals that can hurt the resident’s lungs. Our house cleaners will then sanitize all areas that have been touched with an antibacterial cleaner. This includes remotes and all electronics, phones, light switches, and doorknobs.

Dishes will be washed and put away, counters are cleaned, and bathrooms are scrubbed. We use cleaners that sit and disinfect to remove all soap scum, dirt, hair, and bodily fluids.

The final step in nursing home cleaning is cleaning the floors. They are swept/vacuumed and then cleaned. Tiled floors are mopped daily, but carpets will be steam cleaned with a gentle disinfectant every two months.

The house cleaners at Ivena’s Cleaning will remake the bed and put away all clean clothes. If the weather outside is nice, then windows will be left open to air out the room.

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