House Sitting and Cleaning Services

Pressure Washing & Power Washing ServiceIvena’s Cleaning offers house-cleaning services, but we will also watch your home while you are away. We will make sure that your property, any pets, and all personal belongings are cared for. If you think of something you need while you are away, you can give us a call.


House Sitting

We check your house on a regular basis, either two or three times a day depending on your preference. Our house sitters will collect flyers, newspapers, and mail daily so it appears you are home. We also have the experience in keeping the house clean and properly maintained. Security systems will always be set, and we will make sure that all windows and doors are locked. Finally, we will rotate lights left on, and do anything else to make your home appear lived in.


Pet Sitting

If you have pets, we can care for their needs as well. We will make sure they have adequate water and food, but they will also be played with and given treats. You can rest easy knowing that they will be given proper exercise and conditions will be monitored.


Pool Services

Our house cleaners also have knowledge in pool care. While watching your home, we can clean your pool. We will make sure the filter baskets are emptied; water level is monitored, and keep the pool in overall good condition.


Ivena’s Cleaning offers any services that you might need to keep your home and life cared for. Bills can be paid, errands run, cars detailed, as well as detailing your house. If you are moving out, we can prepare your house for resale, and then maintain that look until it is sold. Our house sitting and cleaning services are quite expansive so call us to find out how we can be of assistance.

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