Dentist Office Cleaning

Graphic_200x200(1)Cleaning is one thing that many people prefer not to do, but it needs to be done to prevent bacteria from growing. Dental offices are one location where this is vitally important and you cannot hire just anyone to come in and clean. Ivena’s Cleaning understands the requirements that need to be met in a dentist office cleaning.

Ivena’s Cleaning will go in every room to empty the trash and gather all of the instruments that have been used. Trash bags will be replaced and the cleaning tools will be completely sterilized.

After the instruments are removed, it is time to disinfect all surfaces. Ivena’s Cleaning knows that with dentist office cleaning, the importance is making sure all bodily fluids are removed. This includes disinfecting the chairs, tables, counters, doorknobs, and light switches. The same method is used for all equipment that has been used from x-ray machines to the spotlights.


Finally, the waiting room and receptionist area is cleaned. Old magazines and newspapers are tossed, and the remaining magazines are straightened. Floors are swept, vacuumed, and chairs are disinfected. Trash is removed and pens are returned to the front desk. If there are any public bathrooms, the cleaning service will make sure that the bathrooms are cleaned daily.

During dentist office cleaning, Ivena’s Cleaning takes every effort to keep both the cleaners and the patients healthy. Gloves are used at all times and toys are sanitized. The company benefits from offices that keep up on simple tasks by putting trash in wastebaskets throughout the day.

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